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Black Assemble is also popularly known as ‘Building Black Businesses Together… One Country At A Time’. Started in the year 2023, BA is simply the idea of black development by blacks through black investments in black countries both in Africa and the diaspora.

According to the founder, Josh Anyaosah: there are quite a handful of foreign influence in the African continent for instance, in the way of provision of humanitarian services, charity organizations, individual philanthropy and investments. These are quite positive and commendable gestures towards a developing continent but we cannot have real change from charity. Black Assemble aims to inspire black people all over the world especially those living in the diaspora to start investing in Africa and thereby developing the continent.

Black Assemble through its website, encourages members to publish their business and investment proposals while we do our best to connect them with investors and partners. What you can publish on our website includes but not limited to the following:

  • Business ideas & proposals
  • Investment opportunities in your district, state, county, country, etc.
  • Estate and properties
  • Agricultural produce for export
  • Skills and services
  • Properties for sale
  • Auction sales
  • Jobs and offers

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Meet the Founder: Josh Anyaosah

Josh Anyaosah

Regardless of our diverse origins, it is time we realize that our problems despite being isolated to regions have the same effect on our identity as black people and it is the same perpetrators that have continued to exploit us directly or indirectly.

BLACK ASSEMBLY is aimed at changing that narrative by bringing black investors together to invest back home, make profits but more so, transform and develop our home with our investments

Josh Anyaosah

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