Agricultural Investment Start-Up


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Agricultural Investment start-up ($100,000)

Agricultural Investment Start-Up

1. Investment
Location: Bandajuma Village, Ribi Chiefdom, Moyamba district (Very fertile for Agriculture)
Country: Sierra Leone
Category: Agriculture
Nature of idea: Commercial farming
Cost of Land: Free lease ($0) In exchange the village chief is asking for infrastructural development that includes
but not limited to: clean drinking water, schools, hygienic bathrooms, clinics, electricity, and employment of
Duration of land use: Unlimited
Size of Land: 50-100 acres
Total cost: $ 100,000.00 (See table below for breakdown)
Cost of Facility: a). Rice Mill
b.) Palm oil processing mill
Partnership: 20-100 black investors
Collaboration: Bandajuma Chiefdom, SLESCA, NAFRA, Moyamba district Agricultural Office, Ministry of Agriculture,
Office of Policy planning and Information.
Commitment to Land holders: Water and sanitation, education, economic development, electricity, clinic, and
R.O.I: Within 2 years after beginning of the project.

2. Estimated cost of material
Estimated Cost of Materials Data

The estimated budget under each objective includes project costs by category such as investment, recurrent costs, consultancies, and 5%
contingency. It does not include government subsidies and equipment for rice milling and palm oil milling plant.

3. Activities
a) Rice (most popular food, grows in swampy soil) harvest in 3 months from planting.
b) Potatoes-harvest in 3 months from planting. In Sierra Leone the leaves are used for stew.
c) Onion-harvest in 3 months from planting.
d) Cassava-harvest in 5-7 months from planting. In Sierra Leone the leaves are used for soup.
e) Yam-harvest in 5-7 months from planting.
f) Tomatoes-harvest in 2-3 months from planting
g) Beans- harvest in 1-2 months from planting.
h) Maize-harvest in 3-4 months from planting.
i) Peppers-harvest in 2-3 months from planting.
j) Pumkin leave and fruit-harvest in 4-6 months from planting. Leaves can be eaten after 2 months
from planting.
k) Sesame-harvest in 3-5 months from planting.
l) Okra-harvest in 2-3 months from planting.
m) Wheat-harvest in 3-5 months from planting.
n) Cucumber- harvest in 50-70 days from planting.
o) Carrot-harvest in 2-21/2 months from planting.
p) Melon (Eguesi, for export)-harvest in 4-6 months from planting.
q) Apple-bears fruits in 3-5 years from planting.
r) Peaches-bears fruits in 3-4 years from planting.
s) Plum-bears fruits in in 3-4 years from planting.
t) Palm tree-bears fruits in 4-6 years from planting. (We can specialize in selling young palm trees
that grow within 100-200 days).
u) Orange-starts bearing fruits in 3-5 years from planting.
Marketability of Produce for R.O.I
• Local sell of produce
• Bulk sell of produce
• Export of produce
• Sell of processed foods
• Serve as milling center for local and nearby farmers.
R.O.I: 1-2 years of starting. Maximize at 5 years of starting the project.

4. Social Responsibility for the villagers in exchange of land, labor, and accommodation
I) Install bore hole with a 10,000 Liter water capacity per day.
II) Build a village clinic and a district hospital.
III) Build 1 open markets in the two districts with a parking lot.
IV) Build primary school, secondary school, and recreational area for sports and activities.
V) Facilitate initiation of programs in primary schools.
VI) Create a school curriculum that promote Pan-Africanism.
Our team consists of only black investors of different professional backgrounds. We work in
collaboration with the leaders of Bandajuma Village, Ribi Chiefdom, and Moyamba district, and the Ministry
of Agriculture, Director of policy planning and information, Ministry of education, Ministry of Health,
and Moyamba district agriculture office. The project will be owned, managed, and operated by AF&P
LLC registered in Sieera Leone and under the umbrella of BlackAssembly organization located in Boston,
United States of America. The funds for this project will be managed by AF& P presidents with
BlackAssemble members approval.
A sustainability plan.
We’ll use Moyamba district as the model of our operation in Sierra Leone.

Acronyms used:
1. AF&P (Africa’s finest and purest) to be registered once project is approved.
2. NAFRA (National Fertilization Agency).
3. SLESCA (Sierra Leone seed certification).
4. MOA (Ministry of Agriculture).
5. MOF (ministry of Finance).

Agricultural Investment Start-Up

Contact: Josh Anyaosah +1 617-459-6050