Borehole Drilling


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CountrySierra Leone
CityKono District
StreetNot determined yet
Phone+1 617-459-6050

well water in a rural village clean tap running water

Title: Borehole Drilling with gravity Tank Solar Pump System to serve a community of 2500 to 3000 people

Details:  Sierra Leone is ranked one of the poorest countries of the world and this is evident in the availability of clean and accessible water in many parts of the small country. With an estimation of about 8 million people, half of its citizens still use the well, rivers and ponds as their primary source of water which includes for the purpose of drinking. This has resulted in a low life expectancy and the outbreak of water-related diseases.

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The purpose of this project (Borehole Drilling) is therefore partly profit-oriented and humanitarian. By introducing borehole water drilled from the earth’s crust and channeling it in pipes to determined locations within a community, we will not just be making cool money, but developing and transforming the benefiting communities.

The borehole water will be sold at the price of 100 Leones per gallon and for a daily estimate of 50 gallons/day and for at least 80 households, investors in the project will be making a profit of $72,420 USD annually and in five years must have yielded a sum of $362,000 USD. Note; these estimates are taken in the barest minimum possible. These figures are projected to be far higher in the actual sense.

Cost of investment: $20,000.00

Population to serve: 3,000

Households: 80

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Borehole Drilling details